Ubiquiti Lightbeam M5 Point to Point bridge

I am trying to set up a Point to point to point Bridge using Ubiquiti Lightbeam M5

I have Lightbeam A (access point) connected to an Ethernet port in a building. Lightbeam B(station) is about .2 miles away. Both Lan port outputs of POE adapter are connected to a Switch. This portion works perfectly. Ethernet present. Colocated on the same tower with Lightbeam B, approximately 20 ft higher is Lightbeam C (access point) pointing to Lightbeam D (station) at 1mileaway. A TO B are on a different channel than C to D. This portion does not work. I noticed the Firm ware was different on one of the Lightbeams. I updated Firmware on all of them and Link C to D worked for about 10 minutes. i need help. thanks.

Hi @Aeronav22 welcome to the forum.

You are a bit light on details that would help people diagnose. Can you post screenshots from the UISP app or maybe configs?