UASP Enclosure issue or CrystalDiskMark issue?

Put together an m.2 sata SSD in a USB-C enclosure for my wife. Cheaper than ready made off-the-shelf options. Used a similar setup myself for years, no issues.

While using the drive the PC started locking up. Programs accessing files on the drive were locking up. Eventually the whole PC stopped responding until I just unplugged the drive.

Tried a different USB-C enclosure. Same issue.
Tried multiple USB-C cables (10GBPS). Tried USB-C to USB-A (5GBPS). Same issue.

Tried reformatting many different ways. Same issue.

Ran the drive through a CrystalDiskMark run and the PC locked up completely during the first Random R/W test. In fact when testing on my laptop it just powered off zero warning. No error dump, nothing.

Plugged the M.2 Sata drive straight into a motherboard. No adapters. Works flawlessly. No issues.

Tried 2 different versions of CrystalDiskMark UWP and standard EXE. Same issue. Locks up during Random R/W

Fed up I got an off-the-shelf solution. CalDigit Tuff.nano 512GB. Nice little thing.

Same issue with the Random R/W test.

Is this a quirk of CrystalDiskMark? UASP? Windows 10? (all running 1909)

Given it was causing issues with various programs accessing files on the drive it seems like it’s either a Windows thing or maybe all these drives use the same USB-SATA controller that is just wonky?

I should clarify, my external mSATA (yes, mSATA not M.2 sata) to USB-C enclosure drive works flawlessly, no issues during any disk test. Very strange. One would assume they have almost Identical UASP controllers

Anyone experience anything like this?

Having explorer and certain programs lock up is a symptom of the drive being inaccessible, not a failure of windows or specific applications. I think you’re correct about the enclosures potentially using the same controller and that being your issue.

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It’s strange that commercial solution akin to a Samsung t5 or SanDisk external ssd would have similar issues. Yet my personal internal msata drive in a USB enclosure (the exact same brand as my wife’s enclosure so presumably the same controller) is totally fine no matter what I do to it.

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