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(U)EFI, rEFInd, Grub, etc

Finally gotten to the point where I am putting OSes on my new build (took 6 months to build - don’t ask; stressful work/life balance, and home life is difficult to say the least - politics; consistent consumption of QAnon videos, by someone in my house, with no areas available to build away from that person - had to build in the middle of the night after work).

Anyway, I am dual-booting Windows 10 and Linux Mint 20.2 but I don’t like the grub2 interface, I prefer a GUI so I installed rEFInd. That’s working fine; I can boot into both the Windows bootloader and grub from rEFInd. My questions start with cleaning up rEFInd. I know I can use pre-made themes, but the theme’s pre-included refind config files are definitely going to need to by modified. Does anybody know of a thorough guide on what settings do what?

Secondly, to prevent me needing to double select my Mint install (once in refind and then again in grub), how do I pre-select Mint in grub and auto boot after a 2 second delay?

Thirdly, when I boot into Windows using grub I get an Asus logo (my motherboard) above the spinning Windows loading icon. When I boot from the Windows option in refind, I get the Windows logo above the spinning loading icon. I’m assuming grub is somehow passing off a parameter to the Windows bootloader to get the Asus logo? What parameters would I need to pass via refind to do the same.

Fourthly, I would like to dive more deeply into the inner working of (U)EFI; does anyone know of guides online or books heavily devoted to the topic?

Setting a default entry in grub.

To hide grub unless you want to see it.
You could also just remove grub and have rEFInd boot Mint directly. That may be Mint specific though.

The boot logo thing could be a bug. I don’t know about that except that uEFI could access the image at anytime.

In order to learn about uEFI, I would go to the source, unless you mean on how your distribution deals with uEFI?

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