Typical tunes in your region/country

First of all, sorry if a similar thread already exists but I didn't see one. Now for the actual thread:

Show me some "typical" music for your region/country. No, I'm not talking about that awesome metal band that happens to be from your homecountry but rather something that is truly unique/typical for your region. I know that we have a fairly diverse audience on the forums here and I'm really interested what you guys have to offer in terms of music. A short explanation (if it is needed) would also be pretty cool. I'll start, representing austria:


^Hubert von Goisern, a pretty popular austrian musician. He combines rock with very typical austrian folk music (Volksmusik, Jodeln, etc.) and social criticism (something you see with TONS of austrian musicians, artists and comedians). He sings and speaks with a fairly strong upper/lower austrian dialect as well.


^HMBC "Holstuonarmusigbigbandclub" a ridiculous name for a pretty good band. Their music is usually described as "Neue Volksmusic" combining typical folk-music with Jazz, Funk, Hip Hop and other genres. They sing with an insanely strong Vorarlberg accent, I seriously couldn't tell you what they're saying in this song if I don't look up the lyrics even though it is still german.



^EAV, an absolutely iconic austrian "fun" band with tons of silly and odd music. I grew up with their music and basically everybody around me could instantly sing along to half their songs. Most of their songs are short, funny stories about somebody who does mischievous things and either doesn't get taken seriously or gets screwed over horribly. Their name is also a play on words about an austrian insurance company.



^Falco, one of the very few austrian musicians who also got famous abroad. There's way too much to say about him but it's fairly easy to look up if you're interested.



^Georg Kreisler, an amazing example of an austrian cabaret artist. Extremely black humour, strong language, social criticism, etc. etc. He was a jewish emigrant during the second world war and, even after coming back and living in austria for a long time, never accepted the austrian citizenship again. He identified as an anarchist (which was his standard answer whenever someone called him a communist) and kept complaining for literally decades that censorship in his (extremely political, offensive and amazing) songs kept happening. People were only allowed to listen to his "old" songs that had lost some of their edge over the time because the pressing issues that he was writing about got resolved or swept under the rug. They're still timeless and, sadly, as topical as ever nowadays.

I would love to name 2 more bands but sadly they're german and I don't want want to break my own rules in the OP. Anyway, I think that's a decent overview of typical austrian music, show me what your region has to offer.

RunRig - an old favourite, I don't know if they are around anymore but they were a good Scottish band.


Julie Fowlis which people might recognise her voice from the Pixar movie Brave


She has a new album out thats good, in our native language as well Gàidhlig



Many Eluveitie songs are also in Gaelic IIRC, it sounds really interesting. I hadn't heard of Julie Fowlis before, but that is some really nice music.

Nothing quite “unique”, but rather something in Finnish that every Finn knows. Avoiding metal & top lists.

The hymn from the Finnish folklore poem “Kalevala”, here played on a kantele instrument. The Kalevala was one of many works that gave Tolkien his inspirations.



Leevi & The Leavings was, and still is, a very popular band in Finland. Their songs have great lyrics, a good story and a good melody. The band was very down-to-earth & never performed at stage. After the death of the composer, lyric-writer & vocalist Gösta Sundqvist in 2003 the band quit.



Another “classic” band that all Finns know. Decided to throw this in because this is their swan song and has a good vibe to it.



Sanni is one talented youngster who composes her own music.



Haloo Helsinki is another popular young band.



Because of the culture (and because it's friday), drinking songs are highly popular.