Tyan S8030GM4NE-2T RAID problem

I’m confused with this home lab build, I have a Tyan S8030GM4NE-2T
mother board and a BROADCOM SAS MegaRAID 9460-16i controller card.

I’m not able to enter a config menu to setup the arrays and drives.

I’m not finding the card in a Storage entry in the BIOS (HII)

Any suggestions?

enable csm :slight_smile:


Wendell, I needed to enable UEFI in CSM :slight_smile:

Brother man, thank you for posting the video’s about the motherboard,
it was exactly what I was looking for. I was able to enter the Avago menu in the BIOS and configure the two RAID drive groups needed.

I lied, it was for a work project, thank you for giving an honest answer.

Thank you Wendell and for all the great video’s.

It took 5 minutes to load Windows Server Standard 2019.

Very happy :slight_smile: :smiley:

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Make sure you have plenty of airflow over the board and remember it’s really built for a server chasiss. And it’ll serve you well.

Hottest temperature was on the 10 Gbit port chip, 37 degrees C.

VRM’s running at 31 C

I can kick up fan speeds if needed. I got an expansion slot fan bracket,
have two 120 mm Noctua fans pointed at the RAID controller card.

Two 140 mm fans on the Noctua SP3 cooler. 8 Noctua intake fans, 4 Noctua exhaust fans. All in a Phanteks Enthoo Primo PH-ES813P_WT White case.

I have two drive enclosures, fans on them as well.

16 core EPYC 7302P - 128 GB RAM - way more than we needed, going to be running M1 and a SQL database on RAID 10 - Windows on RAID 1 - two global hot spares.

8 Seagate Exos 15E900 900GB 15K RPM 512n SAS drives.

Never built anything this big before, I identify with the PC Janitor title :smiley:

Thanks again Wendell.

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