Tyan S8030 BMC default username and password

Hi, I have a question regarding Tyan S8030’s BMC default username and password after the California SB legislation forcing the BMC username and password to be randomly generated and no longer admin/admin or something.

I have reset the BMC via Jumpers according to the documentation, and the default username and password is now “randomly generated?”

I tried Admin/Admin, root/Admin, root/superuser, etc. None of them works.

To complicate the matter even more, I bought a CPU that needed the BIOS to be updated to the latest v4.0, so flashing the BMC firmware to “reset the BMC password” is out of the question, since I am locked at the Tyan logo screen for having an unsupported CPU at the moement.

So the plan is to reset BMC password, update the BIOS via BMC, and boot the system into working state. Please help!


I tried to reset BMC password via ipmitool remotely:
ipmitool -H -fd
It still asks for a root password, so that didn’t work.

The 3 Jumpers on the bottom of the board, according to the documentation, only “reset BMC” power, as a reboot of the BMC? Not necessarily reset BMC password settings?

At least Supermicro boards nowadays tend to have the password printed on a label on the motherboard. I don’t know about Tyan, but it seems there should be an instruction somewhere about where to look, either in the manual or somewhere online.