Two Wendel Questions

  1. @wendell Where do I buy the electircal screw driver you own? Cannot seem to nail down the right site or which retailer that would have it. I forget if I have asked this before.

  2. Are you up for a podcast with say a certain NZ arbitration lawyer/IT consultant in your same industry? You have mentioned wanting to know some back end law stuff to a better degree. I figure chatting with him may help. Dunno if he is up for it, but I figured I reach out to you first.

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Black and Decker 9.6 v with clutch. Be careful tho you can easily destroy stuff

Who for 2?


me for 2
1 question from me though.
how do you go about building chromium canary on linux.

1 Awesome! Thanks @wendell for the answer. It had been tough searching for that screw driver online, kept coming up with drills.

2 Lloyd Gallagher, met him in Star Trek Online of all places. He tried and failed to start up some ISPs in NZ in the early 2000s. Due to ISPs being a bit anti-competitve and sued him in court.

Now has a multiple degrees and works in Arbitration IT Law ( ). I recommend reading a few of his research articles.
He also runs Adonis Technology

( )
which caters to mid-large companies, as well as desktop consumers. Think New Egg without a store front but pretty personable consultation and better warranty. Then lastly does similar Consulation work as you do.

I don't have a show myself, but I thought hey maybe you and him could record a show via Skype or something. With a focus on IT Law and reaction to current events. Then put it up as a special Level1 Techs News or something to put up as a series in conversations with different professionals.

@wendell I'm always wondering whether you are running Windows or Linux on your Surface Book/Pro. And if you are running Linux how much functionality (stylus support ect.) is lost.

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So @wendell are you game? If not, that's alright.

Considering the video below, I highly doubt that Wendell would be running Windows on his Surface book.


Game for what?

For that interview with Lloyd Gallagher, I think

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Before I could reply. What CaptainChaos said.