Two Single Monitor 4 Computer KVMs with 4 port KM Switch?

I have owned the Display Port 4 computer single monitor KVM for a couple of years now and absolutely love it. I have been using it with a Samsung Odyssey G9 monitor during that time, and it has really done a great job of working with my setup.

However, I would really like to be able to treat the Odyssey G9 as two distinct monitors rather than a single one, for a variety of quality of life reasons, one of which is preventing programs from opening up in Windows in the aspect ratio of the full G9 - it is really annoying to have to resize certain windows as soon as I open the program on my machine.

I would love to be able to use the two KVM switches to arbitrarily switch half of the Odyssey to say, my work laptop while half of it stays on my personal desktop. When I do this, I would like the KM switch to automatically handle roaming between the two machines that are being displayed automatically. Ideally, I would like to be able to have either the left or right side of the Odyssey be either machine, and have the KM switch operate mouse roaming correctly. I would also like to switch the KVMs to both be on the same machine, and have the KM switch recognize that I only have one machine up, and disallow the roaming to the other machines.

I would also like this mouse roaming functionality to work across any combination of 4 machines being displayed on the two sides of the screen.

Is this sort of behavior accounted for/possible with this hardware/could I implement it with some combination of this hardware and some software?

Additionally, between 1 and 2 machines may be plugged in via Thunderbolt dock(s) - can the KM detect when a machine has been unplugged from the Thunderbolt dock and automatically switch the screen to another, active input? I know that the KVM itself detects no monitor signal when the thunderbolt dock gets disconnected from my laptop because the green LED for that input on my current KVM turns off.

I am willing to buy the KM and two KVM switches to accomplish this if I need the Serial control HDMI KVM instead of the Display Port 1.4 KVM that I currently have.