Two screens, one HDMI port


I have two screens (both TV's, please don't hate me) and one is currently connected to my graphics card which only has one HDMI port. So I scored a free small TV that I'm planning to just use for things like Facebook, Skype or pictures for when I'm doing graphic design. Since I don't have to much $$ my question is: Can I use the second screen using the HDMI port from my motherboard? I've gone into screen resolution settings and it just doesn't want to detect the second screen connected to the motherboard.

So can I do it? I would much rather not spend money, but would be willing to spend up to $20 or so, I'm not overflowing with cash here.

Sorry if I got anything wrong. I'm still quite a n00b, any help is much appreciated :)



EDIT: Already tried VGA on the motherboard, didn't work.

there may or may not be a trick to get it to work (probably is), but i would just get a dvi or displayport adapter

That's what I was thinking, since I live in Australia I'll see how much it costs around here.

If there's a way I can change some settings or something that'd be great. Thanks heaps! :)


I want Murrica prices :( </3