Two Off One

I think you see where I am going...

How can I run two monitors, two sets of io, and two instances of a game/os off one computer.

My friends don't have gaming computers and I'd like a simple solution for some midgrade gaming.

What'cha got for me? Is there such product? I've googled it and only got paid programs (also requireing two licences for windows I think).

Thanks for your time,


though i don't know of the software neccecary/ how to set it up (i'm interested as well)

you would technically need a second licence for windows (not saying it can't be worked around, but technically) and depending on the game you would need a second copy of the game

take cs:go as an example, you can only be logged into steam on 1 online computer at a time, and the same goes for the account in the game, you can't have 2 intances of a game running on the same account, you would most likely need a drm free version of the game (no steam, no origin, no uplay, you get the idea)

The only way to do this is virtualization software and you can't play demanding games with a virtual machine. They only have rudimentary 3D hardware acceleration support.

EDIT: I should also mention if you are using a virtual machine, extra ram is a priority and so is having a good multicore system.