Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) - Suggetions Multi-platform

Hello everyone,

Good day. I am looking for a 2FA service that is multi-platform and keep in sync all devices?

I started with Authy, I liked it because it had support for windows & Android & IOS. Also your 2FA was saved in their server and sync to all devices. The problem is that it did not had support for Linux :penguin: , and since I am no longer using windows (4 months free of windows) it is fundamental for me to have access to it though Linux :penguin: .

In addition to this long and sad story :sob: , I live in a country with high delinquency (extremely more than in the US). So if I loose/get robbed, I loose the access to all my accounts.

Hope a solution like that exists. Thanks in advance for your help. :grinning:

The authy chrome add-on doesn’t work in Linux?

Hello @Ruffalo, I have not tried that. But also forgot to specify that I am a little bit anti-google. I might try it though. You never know. :female_detective:

For Linux locally there is a flatpack app called Authenticator. Other than that there is 2FA support in keepassxc password manager, which is the numerical time based 2FA method which does have browser integration.

yes i know i didn’t answer your specific question.

There are tons of TOTP programs for Linux, the problem is that Authy is extremely convenient with its server syncing and end-to-end encryption.

Just use the Chrome addon. It’ll run in Chromium if you don’t want the google cruft.

True, not all of them are equal though. Chromium isn’t really getting rid of Google at all though so if the person is really wanting to avoid Google then that’s not a good enough answer.

There is an app called Keepass2andriod password safe for mobile.

syncs files from web services including Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox.

Thanks @Ruffalo and @anon97550313 for your replies. It seems the easiest way is to install Chromium. Although I am not a fan of google, I can live with that solution until I find a better one. Sacrificing privacy for convenience. Regard. Thanks.

Note: I also use Keepass for password manager.