Two cards, which is better?

I have found these two cards, one from ASUS and one form GIGABYTE. The GIGABYTE is constantly going out of stock so I would like to know if it is because it is very good for the price or if it is due to newegg not bringing in many because it is bad and not work the 130$. Please let me know which card you think is better over all, it would be much appreciated! The price of the two is not too different so I don't really mind spending 20-30 extra if i need to swing the way of ASUS and forget GIGABYTE.

Also, if anyone has a better suggestion, don't be shy, post it below and let me know. Thanks in advance for any help!!




The R7 265 is often higher performing than the 750ti. The 750ti is competitive with the 265, after some overclocking.

Otherwise, the 750ti is faster performing than the 260x

265 = 7850

260X = 7790.

Maybe this helps  searching some benchmarks.

Grtz Angel ☺

Maybe the better option in that price-range is this

look here for tech specs

This basically.

Although this R9 270 is probably the best card in your price range, although you would have to deal with the $20 mail in rebate to get it down to $150:

Yes +1 for the R9 270. Didn't realise it could be found so cheap.