Two 1440p 144hz Monitors or One?

My question will most likely be subjective but would like opinions to help me make a decision. I’ve been waiting on prices to drop on monitors over the last couple of years; mainly 1440p 144hz prices. The prices for me personally have finally got to a point that it’s in the realm of affordability for me. I currently have two 1080p 60hz monitors and a EVGA RTX 2070. I have two options.

My first option would be to buy two 1440p monitors and then have a 4 monitor setup.

The second option would be to buy just one 1440p monitor for a 3 monitor setup.

Now I can easily afford two 1440p monitors and I generally have the opinion of the more monitors the better. However, I don’t necessarily need 4 monitors and while I can afford two 1440p monitors the 1440p monitors would only be used for gaming. My brain initially jumps to the conclusion of what will having an additional 1440p monitor add to the equation beyond having 4 monitors.

If you were in my shoes would you splurge for two 1440p’s or just get the one? I have plenty of money but I’m also a person who doesn’t like to spend money on stuff just for the sake of it. So practically speaking I’m thinking the smart move would be to buy just the one 1440p for gaming and having the added benefit have 3 monitors now instead of two. All thoughts on my prediciment are welcome!!! :slight_smile:

I would say that depends on what gpu’s you are using to pushing them.

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I have a EVGA RTX 2070 Blacking Gaming. I’ll add that to the post.

I recommend a pair of gpus a bit stronger or settle for a single monitor .

I would say if you want Ultra or Very High graphics settings with 144Hz, I would say keep only one 1440p monitors. More would reduce both the graphics settings and frame rate rendering the 144Hz capability useless. alternatively if you really have to get 3 monitors, get a normal 1440p 60Hz one…

Maybe I should make sure were talking about the same thing. I’m not extending the game across all three monitors. Whether I add 2 or 1 to my setup, the game will only be on one monitor

one 1440, a 2070 cant push 144 fps on two 1440 monitors unless its older games

If you were not going to extend the game one more than one 144hz monitor, why buy two? why not buy one 1440p144hz and one 1440p60hz?

That could work perfectly fine. Alternatively you could keep the two 1080ps instead of buying the 1440p60 unless you have a specific use case for the 1440p60

Also if you intend to use Linux, I would probably stick to 1440p144 and 1440p60 because you will likely run into weird issues with mixed resolutions (GUI scaling issues). Not sure if you will have the same problem with different framerates.

That is why I was having the thought of what would be the purpose of having two if I am only gaming on one. I am going to keep my two 1080p monitors. So My 1440p will be my center monitor with both 1080p moniotrs on either side.

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I’d go 3 monitors over 4 if you plan on gaming, and 4 monitors over 3 if you are mainly wanting them for productivity.

To avoid the “all bezels directly in my face” problem that you get with multiples of 2

That said, after doing multi-monitor for years, i’m now a BIG fan of one big screen over multiple smaller ones.

One nice, decent size 4k is great for 4x 1080p windows/displays. Without bezels.

4k also scales very nicely back to 1080p for when you can’t push 4k at an acceptable frame-rate.

After working with a 4k, 27" i can’t go back. I think 4k is finally “high enough” res on a desktop display. It’s great!


I ended up going with the 27inch Pixio PX7 Prime. I am quite pleased with my purchase. I know many reviewers said that the HDR sucks on it, but since I have no frame of reference to me I think the HDR looks pretty decent to me.

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