Tutorials / Resources

What is your top resource(s) for finding tutorials / learning cool things? I prefer tutorials over forums because I can get a deeper / fuller knowledge and I don't have to post a new thread / comment every 30 min (at best) and then wait for a response because I got stuck again. I have had a difficult time getting actual tutorial links from people. I can Google as well as any other person on this forum, but if there are people on here who have knowledge I would like to know where they got it and try to avoid some of the more lackluster tut's. 


Things I am currently looking for:

[More Free time lol]

C++ / C#


Unity 3D

OpenGL (Android and Desktop)

Codecs (mp3, mp4, m4a, m4v for use in Android, I don't like google play music / movies and want to create my own media library using OpenGL graphics with iTunes support (even if I can't avoid DRM))