Turning on bluetooth headphones turns on PC

I have a dual-boot system(Ubuntu/Windows 10). When I shut down Windows 10, the computer shuts down just fine. Here is the part I can’t figure out. If I then turn on my Bluetooth headphones(Bose QC35 II), the computer will turn itself on. This does NOT happen after shutting down on linux. All of my boot from usb, lan, etc. are disabled in bios. I cannot find any options in windows to disable this.
Does anyone know how to disable this?

This is Windows 10 Professional BTW.


Wow, that is pretty strange. And you’re positive the computer is not just in sleep mode?

It’s going to sound dumb, but try turning off Bluetooth in Windows before shutting down. Then try turning on your headphones, and see if it still turns the computer on.

You might want to try Device Manager > your bluetooth headphones > properties > Change Settings > Power Management

and see if the option “Allow this device to wake computer” is enabled. I selected my keyboard because I don’t have a bluetooth device on this computer.




I looked for any such option: couldn’t find any. Screenshots below:

Device Manager:


Bluetooth Radio:

The other 3(Content was basically the same):

This is leaving me stumped. Especially since all of the wake options are disabled in the bios.

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You could check the event log > Windows Events > System and look for a power event that has a reason. That may point in the right direction


Windows doesn’t actually shutdown when you power it off, it usually has some fast startup mode enabled. So your headphones wake it up if they are allowed to.

I have fast start disabled and I cannot find any place where the headphones are allowed to wake my computer.