Turning old hardware into server (need suggestions)

So I have some old hardware lying around from my old build that I upgraded. Overall it's just about enough to make a new pc, so I was thinking about playing around with some sort of server. I was thinking I would probably use a linux server hence why I put the topic here but I could also use windows server. The only problem though is that I can't think of anything fun to do with a server. The only thing I can think of off the top of my head is making a NAS and that's a great idea except the hard drive I have is only 60gb so I would have to buy some new drives. So if you guys can think of anything fun to do with a linux server or a windows server than I would greatly appreciate it.

You could do fun things such as:

-Run a dedicated teamspeak server to call all your friends gay and talk about intercourse with their mothers
-Setup a personal VPN to watch porn at work get into your home network without opening a bunch of ports
-Run a dedicated game server like minecrap and only play it for a month then never pick it up again
-install nextcloud and end up using dropbox and google drive anyway
-Contemplate using the hardware for an HTPC but then realize a chromecast is cheaper and uses less power
-Run a headless linux box just to have something to SSH into so you look cool


I run an old Phenom II x3 system as my TeamSpeak and Print Server, and stand up game servers for me and friends as needed.

One thing you could also do is a pfSense Box.

I already do this just on fb (yes I know, facebook)

This might be the most reasonable of the options

I really don't have anyone to play with also I think my internet speed is so slow that it's only rated for like a 4 person server

I don't really own that many movies I usually just get them from netflix and ...other sources

I already have like 5 of these as virtualboxes but yes it does make me look very cool

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I tried this one and long story short my isp is stupid so I can't

I'm in the same boat, old computers that work fine but no use for them. A lot of the server builds you tend to see on enthusiast sites are generally worthless for most people. The only person I know who has enough movies to justify setting up a server isn't a computer person, and seems happy enough using streaming services most of the time nowadays.

You could do something useful like a home security system or a backup server. I just used one machine that I recently acquired to do a custom XFCE/kwin install which worked out fairly well. I spent maybe an hour playing with it and haven't touched it since.

I tried selling off all of my old stuff, meticulously taking pictures of everything with appropriate labels and reasonable prices OBO, and got exactly 1 response from someone out of the country trying to scam me.

I can't justify the electricity usage and heat production of Core2Quad machines even if I had a decent use case for them.