Turning off LEDs in new 30xx GPU

Have a 3060 from Asus GPU but can’t turn off the stupid RBGs. Tried some of the popular solutions on YouTube out there but none work

I use to have a 1080ti which could be controlled with the Nvidia LED Visualizer but that doesn’t support anything above that.

Does Nvidia not include a switch for u to turn that off?

Did you try the asus software? I have a aorus 3070 and it stayed in the default rainbow light pattern until I installed their software to control it.

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which software is this ?

Looks like it’s called armory crate

You can do it in Windows with their software.

You are out of luck if running Linux. Never found a way to control or shut off Nvidia LED’s past the Maxwell family.

My solution is black electrical tape or car tail light lens repair tape.

Yeah, I’d be inclined to physically cover or disconnect them instead of trying to use software to disable them. RGB controllers are generally kind of terrible.

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Normally what I do too, just unplug the RGB cable, I am yet to see a GPU that has it hard soldered in, or has the LEDs directly on the PCB.

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