Turning my HP Mini 311-1037NR to Linux help

Hello, I have a HP Mini 311-1037NR. I will post the specs what of it shows on here when I take a pic of it. I am thinking of turning into linux since I have heard and read that windows it just a resource hog.

I was wondering, if I do turn this to linux, do I need to do any additional steps? Or so I just put in a Linux Destro disk in and let in install and tah-dah!

The Linux destro I am thinking of using is CentOS, because I am very familiar with it. I mean, I can go with other destros, but you tell me which is better? I Just want to use this as a every day base use. Like Word Process, Excel, Logging to my VPS, Check Youtube. You know, everything but gaming.

Let me know your opinions and tastes on Linux destros and let me know the comparison from CentOS, UInbunto,Red Hat and other others. Which takes the less resource but yet powerful.

Thanks for your help guys! 


Zorin OS Lite is very nice. I would also check into manjaro linux as well. Manjaro is Arch based and is very lightwieght

Thanks for your input. I'll be sure check those out and see how they are.

Zorin OS lite is just Lubuntu with a different coat of paint. 

CentOS isn't really designed for the Desktop. It's a server OS first and foremost, of course you can run it on a PC but you would find driver support lacking. CentOS is the community re-spin of RHEL and Fedora is the official free version of RHEL. So you would have better luck with Fedora and still maintain a very similar base as CentOS.