Trying To Swap to Linux (after seeing windows 10) ASUS PCE-AC68 Troubles

So here is my hardware
AMD FX 8350
Asrock Fatal1ty 990FX killer
Asus 7970 (reference card)
Asus PCE-AC68 (Aka BCM4360)
Ubuntu (gnome 3)

So the main problem i have been running into when trying to get anything to work is that I currently live in an apartment and cannot connect to the lan, So I am stuck using the wireless card listed above. The issue arises when I try to install the drivers for the BCM4360 there are two versions of the chip 14E4:4360 and 14E4:43A0. My particular card has the 14E4:43A0 which has a proprietary driver. So I have gotten a driver up and running by disabling the open source drivers and getting the proprietary one to work. The problem here is that in windows my wifi card can do 50 mb/s including the interference from all the other wifi. In linux I am getting 3 mb/s (which is just not acceptable).

I have found enough advice to get the main games I play running in wine, I am just wondering if anyone has managed to get that PCE-AC68 to work at full speed.

What was wrong with the open driver?

The open driver only covers the 14E4:4360 implementation of the chip-set
My card has the 14E4:43A0 implementation of the chip-set which is as of yet not open source
The open drivers simply do not work with my version of the chip as it cannot recognize the chip.

well, stop buying hardware that's not supported by linux. not much you can do there.

In general I would advise against using WiFi, but you can't always avoid it.

Try grabbing a different version of the network manager or whatever does the networking. I had trouble in the Ubuntu 14 but in 15 my network speeds are great.

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AC WiFi on Linux is tough since it is a new platform, the drivers have not yet matured.

According to my goto site for wifi, it is supported

but according to this other site its not supported

Perhaps try the drivers recommended on the first link. Consider giving Alberto's drivers a shot as well.

I'm going to see what I can find on github.

As it turns out there is no viable driver for the hardware i have, Thank you all for trying to help.
I will have to buy hardware with a manufacturer that actually supports linux.

Once again thanks for all of the help.

It's not because broadcom isn't linux compatible, it's because linux doesn't have drivers available yet, your issue seems like a typical situation where you have new hardware that doesn't have open source drivers available yet. Give it a month or two then the drivers should work OOTB, but if it's a mainstream chip then you could get a patch earlier.

What kernel are you using? We're currently at 3.19, chances are that ubuntu is just providing an older kernel that doesn't have the proper drivers yet, in which case you could upgrade the kernel and see if that fixes the issue.

That card has been out since 2013.

My bad, didn't check the chip info, just assumed it was a recent one

I have had the card for over a year and 3 months >.>
But i do greatly appreciate everyone here, and the help they tried to give.

I will definitely avoid any hardware without linux drivers in the future.

Hopefully Linux drivers get more attention soon. Maybe if everyone spent less time forking and more time polishing...

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I'm way out of touch when it comes to wireless on Linux, but if ndiswrapper is still around you can give that a try.

THANK YOU.. ive been saying this around the forum... and everybody has hated me for saying it LOLS

That is not an issue for me, I got arch, Gnome Ubuntu, and mint up and running, i just dont have wifi and cant run a land line >.< so its time to shop for a wifi card with linux support.