Trying to make Visual Studio Code work with PHP IntelliSense

So i've installed the php intelliSense extension but it doesn't seem to be working when using dependency injection. So in this example:


 protected $loginService;

    public function __construct(Request $request, ILoginService $loginService)
        $this->request = $request;
        $this->loginService = $loginService;

then in one of my functions i have:

public function refresh(Request $request)
        $refresh_token = $this->request->input('refresh_token');
            throw new \Symfony\Component\HttpKernel\Exception\UnauthorizedHttpException('No refresh token was recieved','refresh_token_not_set');

        $user = $this->loginService->validateUserFromRefreshToken($refresh_token);
        $token = $this->loginService->regenerateJWTToken();

        return $this->response->array(['token'=>$token]);

however when i ctrl + click on one of the functions belonging to the loginService it says definition not found.

I'm currently suing sublime text 3 with php companion and it works perfectly but i really like VSC and i want to start using it but not being to navigate to the classes really bothers me. It would also be great if it autocomplete the function names if anyone knows how to do that. Thanks