Trying to find Level1Techs video discussing the 1996 telecommunications act

I’m trying to find Level1Techs videos in which giveaways to telecommunications corporations is discussed, in particular the 1996 telecommunications act and other major telecommunications laws and their affects on the market and other detrimental effects.


Is two of them


You wouldn’t happen to know the general date it was posted, would you?

Edit: nvm

RIPeroni, they were TS videos

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Thanks everyone for your quick responses. This is very useful. If there were more videos on this topic please keep posting them here.

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Don’t bother- it’s really just a myth perpetrated by the loonies and preppers.
So stop looking.
And those congress people didn’t know what they were doing back then, anyway, if it existed. Which it didn’t.

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Thanks for the videos it’s was very helpful for me

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