Trying to Find Bios for a Sapphire PC-AM2RX790

Trying to upgrade my streaming PC in the game room which has a old Sapphire motherboard to a Phenom 960T but I keep getting the mismatched CPU error so obviously a BIOS update will be in order.
However for some insane reason Sapphire no longer have the board listed in there support section despite them still supporting slightly older motherboards.
Does anyone know where I'll be able to find the latest BIOS update for this board? I haven't got the money to simply spend on a AM3+ motherboard and new RAM on top of that.
Tried sending a email through there support system but I doubt they'll get back to me, I've tried googling it but the only results seem to be very dodgy sites. Any help would be really helpful

I also have this problem with same motherboard and i found only one site with bios update but it wont boot up in flash drive. Have you found solution.