Trying to escape the 🍎 walled garden

awesome link, thank you for pointing me towards shelter and work profile ‘setup’ idea, did you install google playstore services and framework under work profile as well?

  • when i install it from grapheneOS app manager and then move to work space through cloning in shelter - it doesn’t seem to work properly and i keep getting error messages…

  • i need the services and framework for the pixel camera app (as well as for gmaps i assume)

  • do you use aurora store apps under work or regular profile though?
    -will have a look at the netguard as soon as i’m done with the profile set up

  • Thanks again for pointing me in the directions of work profiles that makes the general logic of the set up MUCH more clear for me now, need to iron out the details and i should be golden:)

It separates the apps into 2 ‘drawers’ and you can switch between them on the fly, very cool way of sandboxing gServices useing the cool idea for work apps!

Yes I dd

I installed aurora in both profiles and used the work profile version to install apps in work profile

Fdroid and netguard is a one I use in both