Trying to decide what ram to use

Currently i have Mushkin Enhanced Redline 16GB kit installed
but i also have gskill trident x 16gb kit
I was thinking of swapping out mushkin for gskill because gskill has removable heatsinks and i can paint those because i have white and black build and red stands out too much, i was wondering what difference would be in speed? Gskill has higher frequency but also higher latency than mushkin

I'm a G.Skill fanboi.

That being said, your Mushkin memory is pretty nice too.. CL9.

But I like the way the G.Skill heat spreaders look better.

And do you really want to paint your heat spreaders? That doesn't do you any favors from a heat dissipation standpoint. Maybe remove all the paint and go bare metal. That would remove the color and improve the heat dissipation while looking less out of place.

If you're thinking of overclocking your Ram then I would suggest against paint your heat-spreaders, otherwise go ahead as in most cases they don't provide a notable benefit as there isn't enough heat generated to warrant the need for one.