Trying to choose my first mechanical keyboard

So hey everyone, I've been trying to do as much research as possible and I've come across this article

From that list I've chosen the ducky shine 5 and the corsair k70.

Which one do you think would be better?


if you arent going to be taking your keyboard to work or always on the move i dont see a reason for a $180 ducky. at the end of the day they all run cherry switches. those are heavy duty keyboards

i had the k70 and ended up using 2x cm storm keyboards with browns and blue's. its really about what will be comfortable. there are soooo many difference switches now.. while ive only tried blue, red, and brown. brown is my fav. i like the loud blues but browns are perfect for the way i smash the switches. its pretty good for gaming. but i just play mmo's

I have no experience with the Ducky.

I do have the K70 with browns and red LED, and I absolutely love it. It will take a little brain/finger training to get used to the feel and how touchy it can be. It will also teach you to be more precise and direct with your key punches. You have 3 brightness settings, the highest is way too bright, the lowest is just right. You can program what keys are lit for gaming via the gaming button.

If you want absolute control over lighting, effects and colors then choose the RGB model. The corsair software only works with the RGB model. The single color models are not supported at all in the software, in fact they do not even show up as being installed.

Overall, I would give mine a 4.5/5. The software recognizing mine would have given a full 5.

pick out your switch choice, then pick a budget.

If you got lots of dosh, I would got for a solid no frills board such as KUL, Filco, WASD or a chinese brand.

if on a tight budget, coolermaster.

If on a tight budget - Rapoo V500S... It's a freaking 40$ with backlighting and cherry switches. They used to work with kailh, but they moved to cherry now, because of course they did. Not many things beats 40$ mechanical...

Cheapest full size keyboard with mechanical switches I've found is the Cherry MX-Board 3.0. All switches available of course, and both standard layouts (US/EU). All standard keys, they haven't replaced one of the windows keys or the menu key (super irritating), instead it has a 104+4/105+4 layout with "media" keys above the numpad. Here is a review (ISO layout): PC Mag Cherry MX-Board 3.0 G80-3850 Review.

I have one of those boards, ISO layout for me, Black switches as those are the one I like. You really need to test the switches, at a store or at a friends place. I thought I wanted brown, but I couldn't stand them. Reds are too soft for me, blacks are the thing for me. I have switched out the caps, all of them are standard with the exception of the caps-lock. The stem is offset, so a standard pbt keycap will not fit sadface. Another con with this cheap kbd is that it is USB only, a std adapter to PS2 will not work. Also it is not N key rollover, but about 6 key (standard I think). I think they have a "gamer" version with the terrible red switches that has full NKRO.

I got a ducky Year of the Dragon with browns. Definitely worth it, but expensive. I have used the corsair and cooler master boards and they feel good.

The best improvement for me was to upgrade to some nice PBT caps. Love the feel you get with them, much more solid. I have a few friends who have gone with the CM quickfire and put some PBT caps on for a great feeling keyboard