Trying to build gaming for $500

Hi I am trying to build a gaming pc for my friend with a budget of $500. I was looking on new egg and found some deals but nothing seems to be able to run games on at least medium-high settings, Is there anywhere i can find a PC within my budget ?

You could build something like this.

Slightly over budget but worth it. Doesn't have to be that exact graphics card but if you can find any HD7850 on sale for around $150-$160 it's a good deal. This will run most games on medium to high at 1080p.

Thank you both for your help i'm going to look at them now

it says that there might be compatibility issues

According to details: Some AMD 970 chipset motherboards may need a BIOS update prior to using Vishera CPUs.

You should be fine as most of the motherboards have been updated by now to at least support Vishera.

Personally, here is what I'd go with

The CPU isn't easily overclockable, but should be enough for your purposes, and the FM2+ motherboard will allow for a CPU upgrade to the new Steamroller APU's later down the road. I'd prefer the Athlon as it frees more of the budget for a GPU, which would give you better gaming experience for the money. If you're into overclocking, you can get a 750k or 760k for $10-$15 more. The GPU should be more than ample for medium high graphics. The only other concern is RAM; a single dimm shouldn't be a huge issue, since you won't have integrated graphics that would need dual-channel memory, and it will allow you to upgrade to 8GB dual channel easily when you get a few more bucks. 4GB  is a little low, but enough to get you started and stay under budget, especially if you're good at managing running programs. Again, an 8GB dual-channel kit would run ya about $70-$80 on the low end, so I think it would be better to start off with a single 4GB stick and upgrade later on.


If you want to save a couple of bucks, the 750k is still a decent chip.

Yeah, the 760k is usually only $10 more than the 750k which, IMO, is worth it for the faster clocks and slight architectural enhancements.

But to each, his/her own. ;) 


Thank you i really liked the first build but the hard drive not being available anmore and compatibility issues is a problem, if anyone else has any suggested builds i'd greatly appreciate it

My suggested build doesn't have any availability problems, comes in under your price range, and leaves you plenty of room to upgrade in the future.

This is the way to go.

You can play Battlefield 4 at 1080p on High with an R9 270.  And once you factor in tax, you're still under $500.

I think you'd be a bit better off with something like this:

CPU is faster and overclockable.

Motherboard has more expansion and is more upgradeable.

Case is bigger with better airflow and cable management.

Doubled the amount of RAM.

The graphics card is a 7850, which is still a respectable mid-range GPU, and should allow medium to high settings on most games at 1080p with 60fps.

M5a 78l -m usb 3 MOBO 

8GB Corsair Vengance RAM

FX 6300 CPU

corsair CX 500w PSU 

cheap dvd drive 'any'

Coolermaster case


and a 7770 or greater preferably greater

OEM windows 7 ultimate

your well in budget with great graphics 

P.S. No compatability issues :)

Slightly revised, but still within the budget.

For only $10 more it's well worth it to go with the faster 760k. Also added a little bigger PSU in case the OP ever wants to run a beefier GPU.