TrueNAS to Linode S3

Alright, I decided to start hosting some of my more important files off-site. Linodes S3 storage seem like a good place so I went about trying to setup a connection from my TrueNAS server. I setup the “Cloud Credentials” on TrueNAS and pointed it to the Linodes S3 Endpoint URL. Credential Validation came back as “Valid” when I set it up. Unfortunately i hit a road block when attempting to setup a “Cloud sync task”. I keep getting an error “Bucket is required.” after I chose the Linode Cloud Credentials. The drop-down for the Bucket has no options to chose from. I tried fiddling with the “Disable endpoint Region” and “Use Signature Version 2” advanced settings under “Cloud Credentials” without affect.

Has anyone been able to use Linode S3 with their TrueNAS systems? I’m leaning towards some unexposed settings that assume you are using AWS. That or I am missing something obvious.

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