TrueNAS Scale, or Other Solution?

OK, New to setting up my own HW/SW NAS, and thought TrueNas Scale (mistake originally said Core) was the best solution. I’ve used NAS Appliances before. But after setting up my HW and installing TrueNAS Core, and setting it up, I’m finding it challenging to achieve my simple (to me) goal.

I run Linux Mint (20 & 21) on my machines, and have other machines/users on Windows (10). I need to set up a hand full of directories that are accessible by all machines, but Read Only by some users, and Read/Write by other users independent upon which OS/machine they are using.

Am I missing something in how to set up Storage, Shares, Users and Credentials in TrueNAS?

Is their another better suited solution?

Thanks in advance for your help.

You can’t identify users by OS, you can however block machines by IP but everything else is determined by user credentials. That’s not a limitation by TrueNAS but how file sharing works in general.

Not trying to set access my machine, but by users regardless of the machine. Could create the read/write users, but the read only users could read and not write, but it could Delete!

I’m sure I’m setting up the user/permissions wrong, but not sure what is the correct way.

Whats your config now? TrueNAS seems to use ZFS ACLs for this type of thing. The order you enter the rules in matters to ZFS maybe that’s your problem. First match wins when you have a rule that allows writes for some group and then below a rule that denies writes for some user that is also part of the group. That user would be allowed to write. If you change the rule order it would be denied.

At least that is if I understood that correctly. Only just now looked up ZFS ACLs…


Thanks, I’m using ZFS, and have no knowledge of using/setting up the ACL method. I’m used to (perhaps the old school method) of setting up groups with permissions, and then adding users to groups for security/access. And I was not finding a way to implement this approach.

I looked at the ACL last night but the screens presented did not match the documentation I was finding. So I guess I need to find a tutorial on ACLs and find the appropriate Documentation and/or Tutorials for TrueNAS Scale ACLs.

Version: TrueNAS-SCALE-22.02.4

FYI, I made a mistake, I’m on TrueNAS Scale, not Core. Sorry for the confusion.

Version: TrueNAS-SCALE-22.02.4

Yeah, I do the same even though using ZFS it’s sufficient for my use case to not care (I’m also not using truenas). But ZFS ACLs can do a whole lot more. With regular Unix style permissions you’re gonna run into a wall when you want two groups to have different access levels. It just does not do that. You’d have to do something in samba to achieve that (assuming thats what you are using?). But that’s the thing if you have more granular permissions on the filesystem level it works wether you setup a samba share or a NFS share when properly set up. One would hope TrueNAS did do that.

I think I need a different Solution other than TrueNAS Scale:

Documentation is not usable.

So I started over from Scratch, and DID not update to 22.02.4 this time, and I have Success!