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TrueNAS Scale doesn't have drivers for LSI 9201-16e HELP Please

Morning guys I’m still testing TrueNAS scale which is using Debain as a base and its almost there but I found a game stopper.

I use an LSI 9201-16e SAS card to connect to my disk shelfs. But TrueNAS doesn’t seam to have the drivers for that card. I didn’t know if this is a Debian thing that I could check the drivers and add them or if this is a TrueNAS thing. You guys here are the Linux whisperers so after getting stuck in the TrueNAS forum I figured I’d reach out here.

This is the thread on that forum. Scale doesn't have drivers for LSI 9201-16e | TrueNAS Community

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does it have Any drivers assigned?

like showing with lspci -v

'Buntu is showing mpt3sas for my cards, but mine are 8i’s

So TrueNAS is an appliance that sits on top of the base OS. If the OS needs drivers it’s likely a Debian issue.

Since Debian ships with non-free drivers disabled you can try enabling that repo to see if it installs your drivers for your HBA, or you can research to see if TrueNAS has their own 3rd party repo that provides such drivers.