TrueNas and Unifi Controller

I’ve recently installed the Unifi controller on my TrueNAS server, when I log into the controller; none of my Unifi APs are being detected whatsoever. Here’s what the page looks like when I’m on the controller. I followed this guide for the installation: Install UniFi Controller on FreeNAS 11.2 - Easy Step-by-Step Instructions - YouTube.

Current setup is on a Dell Poweredge R510 with dual Intel Xeon X5670s and 32GB of ram. Running TrueNAS Core 12.

Double check your network settings for the jail. You should be able to ping your APs from the controller’s shell.

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These are the current settings,

I’m also able to ping the WAP to.

What is the ip of any of the WAPs. Are they on the same subnet? Also I just want to clarify that you pinged one of these access points while sshed into the controller vm

I have the WAPS on the same subnet and I used the actual shell to ping em

If you previously had the controller running with a different IP, then that can confuse things also.

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Have you tried the manual set-inform command. You have to ssh into one of the APs and run the set inform command and point it to the controllers IP. It’s been a while since I had to do that but it’s worth a shot.

Can you tell us a little more about your UnFi setup? Are these new APs? Or are they currently/previously adopted on another controller? What about your controller? Is this a fresh install or did you restore from backup?

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I do have an existing controller at the moment on my mom’s computer. Never even thought of that.

One Unifi AC Lite and a Unifi AP LR (first gen). I do have a controller currently on my mom’s computer.

So assuming nothing is blocking port 8080 on your new controller, it should be as simple as using the Export Site option to migrate the APs. Start with making sure the controller on your mom’s PC can still see the both APs and upgrade the device firmware and controller software to the latest versions. Once the old controller and new are on the same version follow guide below to migrate the site. Even though article references cloud → dream machine the steps will be the same.