TrueNAS and OPNsense VMs running at the same time = OPNsense out of memory

Got a Supermicro x10drl-i system. LSI HBA in IT mode, 4x4TB drives. 1 of 2 ports on the dual GbE NIC is passed through to OPNsense. LSI HBA is passed through to TrueNAS.

Before doing the HBA and TrueNAS thing, I ran OpenMediaVault with USB external drives and it was meh but worked for years.

Now here’s the problem: When I fire up a new VM of either TrueNAS Scale or Core, OPNsense memory usage jumps from about 530MB to 8GB+ in about 5 minutes, fills up the swap, floods the console with attempts to kill processes saying it can’t reclaim memory and locks up.

If I disable PCI passthrough for the LSI controller for the TrueNAS VM, this doesn’t happen. OPNsense stays at about 530MB RAM usage.

How is this even possible?

Do you have ballooning memory enabled? You want to make sure that is disabled when using pci passthrough as pci devices have direct memory access and can write to memory used by other VMs if the VM’s memory isn’t fully allocated.

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Hi, thanks that solved my issue. I love you. <3

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