Troubleshooting Technique for Frame Drops

This is more of a cool little troubleshooting process I found than a specific issue with Apex and Launchy.

I started having consistent, noticeable spikes in frame times after the last Apex Legends patch installed. I’ve been pulling my hair out the last few weeks until I got the bright idea to use OBS to capture Apex, MSI Afterburner, and Process Lasso.

I looked for a spike in frame time + drop in GPU utilization, then went frame by frame to see what thread suddenly came alive in the “Active Processes” tab in Process Lasso.

Turns out there were quite a few, but Launchy stuck out. I killed it and the new, noticeable frame drops stopped.

I’m not sure why VLC has a ‘next frame’, but not ‘previous’ hotkey. I ended up switching to Da Vinci Resolve for more granular scrubbing control to see exactly which process activated around the frame spike.

If Process Lasso integrates with Rivatuner it can detect this via the Rivatuner API. It’s commercial software so there’s no reason this can’t happen if people pay for this to happen.

Oh, I definitely think there’s a market for a ‘who touched my GPU?’ app. It would make sense for NVidia/AMD to expose a process activity metric of some sort.