Trouble plugging 24 pin into mobo

So I have a msi 970a g46 and I can't Plug in the 24 pin power to the motherboard it has about a 1mm gap and the latch wont lock. Is there any trick to plugging it in I have tried wiggling it and just nothing works.

As long as the computer functions and the power cable isn't loose, it should be fine.

alright thanks

Those boards have absolutely worst 24-PIN connectors..., with multiple PSU's couldn't plug them well, as long as it works, it si fine, but in my life, I never saw this before those boards (all g4x).

Don't worry about it, however, that motherboard is not a good choice in my opinion (in fact, don't look at motherboard bellow 150 euros.).

If you can, try supporting the baqckside of the motherboard with your hand and apply more force. A loose connection can arc and damage your components.

I have to reply one more time to theis thread.

While you connecting 24-pin connector, connect only 20-pin (remove those 4 attached), For some reason, with few PSU's tested, those boards are much more stable with only 20-pin connected without those 4 (and ofc. + 8 or 4 for CPU).