Trouble Dualbooting with Ubuntu and Win7

I had windows 7 and I wanted to dualboot it with Ubuntu 13.10 Gnome 3. I created a bootable usb using usb installer and then restarted my computer which booted from my usb. I then installed ubuntu on a separate partition to windows.

Grub is not appearing when I restart my computer (I'm not sure if grub is installed). Can someone show me how to fix this so that grub gives me a menu to boot from windows or linux?

Thankyou in advanced.

When you say grub isn't showing are you instantly booting into which os linux or windows
if linux then do 'sudo update-grub'
then reboot
If fail then 'sudo apt-get install boot-repair'
boot-repair is a gui tool for fixxing grub just follow the prompts

Hi @rollymaster the grub manager is not coming up when i boot into linux. I will do what you said and see if it works.
Thankyou for the help.

I updated grub and it worked @rollymaster thankyou so much I thought I loss all my data except for my skyrim saves.