Triple monitor setup on laptop

Hello guys, I didn't know where to post so here it goes :

basically I want to buy 3 monitors this week that would look like this:

I'm posting this here because I don't know for sure what to buy and what to look for, from what I understand I need to get the ones with IPS panels because they're better. Is there any difference if one monitor is 8MS and others are 5?

The monitors will be connected to a laptop that has 1x VGA port ; 1x HDMI port; USBs. I hope I can get 1 connected to each port available and leave the rest of USB for keyboard mouse and microphone.

I was thinking about these 3:


1x thanks guys

Make sure your laptop has a GPU that can push that many pixels.

IPS panels have better color reproduction than TN panels.  However, they tend to longer ms for pixel changes.

5ms is fine for most people.  Anything above and you might experience some blur.  It really depends on personal preference.

Are you sure that your laptop is able to use both outputs simultaneously?  Also, you only list having two display outputs.  Where are you going to hook up the third monitor?

thanks guys

If my laptop cannot handle it, I will buy a new computer and will keep only the 27' until it arrives.

my laptop currently runs on 2 x 1080p monitors right now, it's kinda like a workstation that I use daily


@aezen, can I plug the 3rd monitor thru usb? Sorry, I'm noob :(.


Also I was hoping to get more opinions on the monitors, are the 3 that I chose ok? 


I want them to be perfect size, to be same height and also the colors and luminosity to be the same, so I went with same brand of monitors Dell and same generation.



I mean, is the 23-27-23 combo good?  I've been reading some forums and this guy right here has 20-30-20 which I am looking for.

here is the pic.

I am also worried about the brightness

the 27-30 inch ones are usually 350cd/m2 and the 23' are 250

any thoughts on this?

USB can't output video.

You can have an external monitor for 2 extra displays and use the laptop monitor as your third, but you can't put out video via USB.