Trine for $2.50: anyone want to split the 8 pack o

The game looks awesome... anyone want to share the 8-pack?

We have one day to get it.

Get it. It`s REALLY good.

^ Seconded, shame I already bought it.

2.50 why not ill go in on it anybody else?

ill pick it up for 2.50

man i love all these "get your cheap games here" thread's

its like a smack of content right in the face... directly from rtw :p

ok... we have given out 3 copies... MickeyDeath and Ztrain will get one... that leave 3 left.

Who else wants it for $2.50? it's an awesome game.

PM Logan

I would like a copy. I just moved a little bit of money to my paypal account but it says that it will take till december 3rd... would you mind holding me a copy?

Be sure to also PM me with your steam username and/or email so that the loot can be distributed.

Ill take one! 2.50 is a steal.

Logan is on my friends list on steam, my username atm is simply set to "Div", so i should be easy to find. Also, my email is [email protected]

ok... I got the money in my account now, what email should I send the payment to?