Travel Pro Camera bag

Hi Guys,

im looking into investing into a new bag for all my kit as im going away on holiday next year (April) to the Dominican Rebublic and want a nice protective bag that i can take as hand luggage and also importantly lock it up!!

What I need...

  1. Room for a large pro camera body with battery grip, either my sony a77ii (with grip) or my nikon D4s (usually use the former camera)

  2. Room for multiple large lenses including a 70-200mm 2.8 or 70-300 f4 and a couple of medium/large/small primes including a sigma 50mm f1.4 sigma ART (for size reference)

  3. Room for memory cards/filters and other small medium accessories

  4. Rucksack style (two straps) no slings please.

  5. good zips I could buy a lock to secure...

Price up to £150/$227

I have looked at cameras such as


Looks like you already got what you are looking for. Does it come with a rain-proof hood?

I'd still buy a cheap tarp or something and cut it so it fit's the bag pack because I do not trust those rain-proof hoods.
Usually they are to thin and still transfer water to the bag itself. A friend of mine lost a nice canon body because he trusted the rain hood. The rain wasn't even super heavy and I don't know how rain it is in the Dom Rep in April.

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Yeah I guess, just interested to see what others use..

Yeah it does I like using them as a security measure too.... busy foreign airports and all.. you don't really notice a skilled pickpocket opening a zip... but pulling off a rain cover and undoing zips is more noticeable!

I use a Nat Geo A2540

I really like it because I can get my Prime lens and a travel lens in it and have quick access to them rather than carrying them on my back. I have the bag on my side and always a hand on a strap, so stealing it is impossible.

I like sling bags because I don't have to take the backpack off everytime I want to change lenses or get my cam out, but then again my equipment is much less cumbersome.
I suppose a back pack has the big advantage that you can carry more weight + a tripod.

When I go hiking I carry my satchel on my side, as an armrest ;)
And a backpack with my tripod and food and so on

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Yeah I would like a satchel like this too for when I go on small trips or just dont want to take loads!

i miss having a mirrorless camera... used to have a nice little lowepro 150AW that held the body 16-50mm, 50mm 1.8 and a wide angle on my side... good times...

with big camera comes big respon....bags.

I really don't mind the bit extra space a DSLR requires. It is more the lenses that take up space...but if anyone wants to give me a Leica I wouldn't say no...

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yeah true...

Will get a sony a7RII one day....

I just held one of those today (working part-time in an electronics store)

Really nice camera. Feels so well built that you could hit somebody with it.

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haha yeah, love them... got some great glass too!

My mirror less cameras in the past have all been sony too, loved the glass although have an affair with fuji too....

Don't really know too much about those mirror-less cameras, but some of the fujis we have in the store seem really nice and more affordable than the sony.

But I am just a click-click guy :)

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You'll want something more discrete than your first choice, if you're going on vacation. You don't want something that screams, "camera bag! Loads of expensive equipment in here!"

Not true, they could slice through the straps or slice out the bottom. Although, the bottom will probably result in damaged goods. That is a tactic used for things like money, wallets, and passports.

They could slice the bottom, but there is a second bag inside for the camera and the camera is held in-place by the dividers. And I hold the strap where it meets the bag since I use it as an armrest, so it is pretty safe. At least I will notice it if anyone tries something.

as an update:
I came across this bagpack. It is cool because you can turn it around your waist to the front and the zippers are on the inside. So it is a bit safer and it has a camelbag water thing in it, which is nice for hiking.

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Cheers thanks! will take a look