Transfering DATA

So my HDD is dying and I am about to get a Western Digital Blue 1TB the 7200RPM one, and I plan getting my self a SSD in the future the Mushkin one with 512GB. And since its gonna take time till I got it I was thinking about making a partition where I can store all my most used programms and played games and then after getting the SSD to duplicate it or transfer it directly to the SSD. After that removing the partition and making one primary 1TB Partition out of the HDD again.

So.. What's the simplest way for newbs to transfer / clone data?

There are plenty of ways to handle this. What you are suggesting is just 1 way.

My only advice is that you should not just copy over the partition. You should really do a clean install on your SSD.

I would vote for going fresh install too.

Other options might be Acronis if you run Windows, DD or ddrecover for Linux.
Or you might try Clonezilla from a USB?

I haven't had problems with Acronis. It will work great for what you want. It can shrink the partition so you can install just the OS and applications. You don't need to worry about partitioning.

For the SSD, you will want a fresh install. Don't know how old your system is but you could be running IDE mode by default and not AHCI and then you have to go through some Windows edits to change it all.