Trade my 1070 for an RX 580?

I’m an avid Linux user and I’m debating trading my 1070 for an RX 580. I already have 2 1080p FreeSync capable monitors and was considering putting my 1070 up for trade for a 580. Do you think it’d be worth it considering the Linux driver support and the fact that I already have 2 FreeSync monitors? (I’m aware that FreeSync currently doesn’t work with OSS drivers)

I’m only going to be doing 1080p gaming and want framerates above 60. My monitors are 75Hz.

My initial though on reading the title was, No no no no no maybe.

Upon reading the post, I would agree and do it if you can get a straight swap 1:1.

The 1070 is a technically better card (by a bit) but I am and AMD guy (not fanboi just bias) and for the use case you have described it is the better shout in my opinion. I would say what do you play? That could have an impact on the decision, gameworx being a piece of shit and all on AMD.

The only reason to do this is bugfixing the AMD drivers or you really really like OGL. Otherwise general performance is up on the nvidia card last I checked.

I have a 580, I’m not unhappy with it, I’m just pulling benchmarks from memory.

I play Overwatch via Wine, Rust and some CS:GO every now and then.
Do you think any of those would have a huge hit when switching to a 580?

Really, I’d love to eventually make use of FreeSync and honestly wouldn’t mind a few FPS difference since I do already have 2 of them and don’t feel like paying tons extra for a G-Sync monitor.

Do the open drivers not support Vulkan yet?

The open drivers are the drivers. The performance for vulkan is about the same, OGL is better on the NV card though. I mean trade if you want, its more reliable I think, but uh. Yeah it dun matter that much lol.

I would.

I’d also use the 580 to mine for a bit to pay itself off, or at least pay off the difference in RRP between the 1070 and 580 :smiley:

The open drivers at least with Vega now are actually pretty good. Fedora 27 finally supports vega out of the box now as of last week, too. :slight_smile:

What no, maybe a 580 plus 100 bucks

It is really up to you on if you wish to proceed with doing so. I did buy a vega card about a month ago and honestly it works well on linux. Vulkan performs just the same, but opengl will be some hit and misses in some areas but general performance seems good for just plain open source. I havent tried their hybrid yet (and really have no need too because i do not wish to downgrade the kernel or xorg just to test it out).

I still got my 1080 ti (though I am thinking about selling it), but I am mainly aiming towards amd due to amdgpu (and also the fact nvidia seem to be hostile towards oss community based on their actions, but thats just my opinion anyway) . They pushed the code to be open (even the vulkan drivers are open source now for linux), while nvidia closed off their card and making it hard for even projects like nouveau to proceed forward.

I’d go with the 580, but that’s because I hate Nvidia with a passion. Would you see a performance hit in these games? The only one that requires more than a potato with a couple wires to run maxed out is Rust, and that’s solely because of how poorly optimized it is.

The 580 should handle this quite easily.

Seeing as the 1070 and 580 are already pretty close in performance, and as history has showed us time and time again, AMD cards get better with age so there’s a very good chance somewhere down the line the 580 will not only meet the 1070 but surpass it. Also you have freesync, which for some reason Nvidia refuses to implement because they keep beating the damn G-sync drum (even though it’s at minimum $100 more than an otherwise equivalent freesync monitor…) so you may actually get a better experience than the Nvidia card even though you’re getting a few fps less on average.

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