My neighbour has no password so I compared and this is what came out of it


Can I use this as proof against Belgacom that they need to fix their shit?


the internet is also much more responsive(pictures and forum posts don't take a long time to load) when using my neighbours internet, the weird thing is that when I use

speedtest my down is 20mbps and up 1.5mps and his is down 2mbps and 2.5mbps up...the only thing my connection

really is good on is when I torrent.

I don't want to pay for a VPN but I know that also makes my internet load faster because I tried it with VPNreactor

I don't see any problem at all here. Ok, the latency is a little higher on your connection than his, but nothing to be alarmed about. It probably all comes down to the peering agreements between the CDN of reddit (here Akamai) and your ISP but frankly, I don't see anything out of the ordinary.

On a side note, when posting images with traceroutes, make sure to blur all IP adresses on the image, you don't want people with bad intentions messing around your router. ;)

Man, let your neighbour know. Like a heads up that you noticed it said you could connect to it (but you didn't do that of course).


Tell him anyone could be using it on his dime or even for illicit purposes that he could get left holding the bag over.


That's if you feel like getting involved. I know some times people can get really pissy, defensive and outright aggressive when you try to aid them with something like this. Bit of a human ego thing really, we all know it.