TR2950x new build--I'm so confused

Workload: Mostly testing of software/OS on virtual machines and containers. Also some video editing/rendering which I hope to increase with new hardware. At the moment I run VMware Workstation Pro with VMs running RedHat, CentOS, Mint, Windows, and MacOS all on an FX8320 w/32gb RAM on a Gigabyte mb. NO overclocking and air-cooling (don’t know if that makes any difference.)

I’m thinking of using the following for a new build for a budget of $2500:
TR2950x CPU
Corsair Wraith Ripper cooler (air)–just don’t like the idea of liquid near my electronics.
128gb DDR4 @3000 or 3200
Gigabyte Designare X399
EVGA GTX 1060 6GB for video (salvaged from current system)
Corsair 850W 80+ Platinum PSU (may be overkill but…)


  1. Would I really be able to tell the difference in speed between say, 2600 and 3000 or 3200 memory?
  2. I’m hearing all kinds of noise/rumors about if I get 3200 memory it will only run at 2666 speeds (or something like that) because of how the chip is designed and/or because of the motherboard issues. Would I be better off just getting 2666 memory and saving $3-400? Is this speed issue due to motherboards? Should I use a different mb ( I am partial to Gigabyte(and yes, I know mb are like religion-yours is the only right one)).
  3. Anything I should watch out for with this hardware selection?

Thanks for the help and suggestions.

Bill W

Memory is a beast to get working as desired on threadripper, hopefully the newer 2950x is will be a bit more forgiving.

looking at the QVL list should aid you, in finding some decent kit, but at 128gb getting 3200 or 3000 will be tough .

that said, with the appropriate tools, patience and luck you may be able to tune a good set of kit to the desired frequency

ryzen dram calculator:

ryzen timing checker:

Thaiphoon burner:

these tools will get well on your way for getting the memory to work at you desired tuning .

with that out the way all thats left is getting the memory …

easier said than done i know…

for samsung b die there is a tool that may help

reading through that thread on forum should be an aid also but time consuming. regardless it is well worth it for the amount of experience and knowledge contained there.

also there is thread here in this forum with i beleive wendalls 128gb setup and tests on threadripper … ah here it is ,

so hopefully armed with this you can pick out a good kit.

personally i recommend lowest latency you can find. as it seems lower latency yeilds better results but i have only tested this at 32 gb and not 128 . good luck !!

IOMMU groups are awful on the Designare, so if pass through is a concern, get a different board.

I’m kicking myself for buying one instead of the Taichi.

chaos4u: Good stuff. Looking like I need to do a bit more homework. COMPLETELY forgot about so thanks for reminding me!

gordonthree: While I’m currently using pass-through much or at all, I certainly could be with this new rig. Kinda hate to hear that about the Designare. But glad I’ve found out now instead of 3 weeks after setting up the rig!

Bill W