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TR2950X at 72C/161F at idle


I have a ASRock Phantom Gaming 6 and an TR 2950X. My system read 72C/161F at idle. I have checked the temps in the UEFI and in Windows 10. The CPU gets cooled via an Liqtech TR4 II 280

What is wrong?



How long have you had it for? Those Liqtech coolers have a manufacturing issue that causes corrosion to build up inside the block over time.

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I have had it for 1 day



Try reseating the cooler making sure to remove protective plastic.



So the temps in Windows are the same?

My UEFI always shows my CPU way higher ( it’s showing the Tctl not Tdie for some reason )

My LiqTech II 360 failed after about 5 months. So it could be the cooler even though it is new.

After making sure it was seated correctly, if it’s still showing the same temps I would contact Enermax as something is definitely wrong.



I have just checked Tdie with Windows/hwinfo and it is way lower in the mid 30s.



That is good. That is where it should be at.

It’s probably just the UEFI showing Tctl and not Tdie.
In case you didn’t know, Tctl is just Tdie with +27C added ( for Threadripper ).

My X399 Fatal1ty board does the same thing.



Threadrippers have two temps
-One is the real temp.
-The other and adjusted which is the real temp + some amount I forget (27 degrees C ?), which is what most temperature monitoring things actually see in order to protect the CPU from accidentally overheating

The temp you see in the motherboard bios is the adjusted temp. The real temperature is much lower.

Don’t have time to post specifics, sorry. I’ll check back later if someone else doesn’t post them first.



Ok so far I understand that Tdie is 27°C lower than Tctrl but why do they do that?
The only real effect I can see, my radiator fans spin far higher than they actually would need to do.
I find it weird to virtually add temperatures to “protect” the user.



It’s mostly for enterprise or consumer stuff to make the fans spin up sooner.

At least according to AMD.

If you set your fans by the real temps ( e.g. like 40C ) you can just add 27C to them. That should make it where your fans only spin up when your system is under a real load. Obviously I would recommend testing to make sure it’s set adequately.