TR 3970X Workstation Build

I’m almost finished with my 2020 workstation build, featuring a Threadripper 3970X in the Gigabyte TRX40 Designare: PCPartPicker Part List.

Some interesting features may be air cooling via the Dark Rock Pro TR4, and a Thermal Grizzly Carbonaut pad instead of thermal paste. Thermals don’t seem too bad given the low speed fans and pad, the system idles in the low 40C range and looks to top out in the 60-70C range with my workloads. AIDA64’s system stability test hits 90C+ when all CPU and memory features are enabled. My original plan was to use the NH-U14S but the Dark Rock Pro arrived much earlier.

I’m also running Micron’s 3200MHz ECC RAM ( MTA18ADF2G72AZ-3G2E1) which isn’t on the QVL but seems to work fine and is the only 3200MHz EUDIMMs I could find.

I’m running Windows 10 just for stress test and verification with AMD and Gigabyte’s applications, but will be wiping the system and installing Linux in the next day or two. If anyone has questions, or very easy to run benchmarks that won’t stress the thermal performance too badly, let me know and I might be able to run them.

What will you be running on this?

It’ll be a headless Ubuntu 19.10 system, primarily for software development and testing so lots of compilation, docker, and VMs. Also a bit of network file storage to replace an external TB2 array since the O11 Dynamic XL has 4 convenient hotswap SATA bays.

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