TPM/PTT on Intel 1151 300 Motherboard?

Hello all,

Does anyone know if there’s any decent LGA 1151 300 Mini-ITX motherboards that have a TPM or PTT module installed or a header that allows installation of it as an add-on? It was hard back then to find a decent motherboard with a TPM module/header for my 1150 motherboard (It was the ASUS Z97I-Plus).

Edit: It wasn’t advertised as a feature on my motherboard, by the way… I don’t know why they didn’t. I had to look at the long spec sheet for a bunch of motherboards and search for the keyword “TPM”.

Are these features more common today?

I’ve been out of the computer hardware news/community since I bought my i7 4770k on release date. Well now I want to update again with the i7 8700K and a decent motherboard. Eventually down the line I want to update my GPU (now a 980Ti).

Thanks! :grinning: