Toyota has built an EV with a fake (manual) transmission

And Ars drove it and liked it.
Apparently it even simulates a fake stall if you dump the fake clutch.

Only real world use case for this would be to teach stick to a non stick person without worrying about burning up clutches or grinding gears all the time.

I could see driving schools maybe getting a cheap EV with this.


To be honest, I dont know why we havent even move past manual transmissions at this point.

Has advantages over automatic transmission. I’m not saying these are relevant for everyday use, but there is a difference.

I won’t ever buy a car with automatic transmission…maybe if I’m in retirement age and can’t shift gears anymore for mental reasons.


Tf… did you just low key insulted automatic transmission drivers (me, lol)… :rofl::sob::face_with_raised_eyebrow::sweat_smile::joy:


As a motorcyclist, I can say I hate auto transmission on them. I feel being able to control the clutch is critical to a good driving experience - especially when you’re at a very low speed. (But yes I know there are people who love auto transmissions even for motorcycles)

As for cars… technically manual transmissions are a bit cheaper to make, and it ain’t a security flaw. But I do understand to move away from them, even if it makes my inner car nerd sad.

Oh, and some EV motorcycles still have a clutch (not a manual shifting device), those being the racing sort.


On the other side of the spectrum, I’ll never buy a car that DOESN’T have an automatic transmission. Everyone can keep their driving experience or whatever, I’ll be smiling in barely crawling traffic lol

What I don’t like is how they make the revs in electric motors change like you’re going through fake gears. I know people say it feels like a slipping clutch because they don’t understand that’s not how CVTs work, but let me turn it that bullshit off at least

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Some manuals in petrol engines play engine noise through the speakers to make it sound better than it is.

Looking at you Ford

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I mean…who’s the market?

I like EVs and I like rowing through the gears on my crosstrek. But like…very different situation?

Maybe if we were talking about Ford’s EV Mustang…sure…or since Toyota, a Supra EV. But…a random Lexus as a POC is weird?


I absolutely love manual to the point I’ve done 4 auto to manual transmission swaps.

Having a manual turns a boring commute into a game for me. How hard can I launch while maintaining traction, how well can I manipulate the clutch to keep the RPM in peek power, how smoothly and quickly can I up shift, how well can I rev match a down shift, how well can I heal toe, when do I shift to get the highest MPG? These are all things that I challenge myself to improve while I’m driving.
I find autos to be very numb and boring.

Manuals give you so much control over how your car drives, and I have a ton of fun finding and mastering as many ways as I can.


I really don’t hate that. Even if it’s not the same as a real manual, still sounds fun to drive.

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With the abysmally poor driver competence, I’d chew through MTs, to avoid Ins BS
I may have had optimistic attitude, if I was in rural section of states… anywho-
A nearby neighbour went through 2 leased cars, with successive MT/Clutch damage
[first car was VERY much his fault; second was an under-table recall]

Applying MT, would be a novelty mechanism, versus the 1/2Sp [pedal go DOWN]
I’d be more curious to 4WD engagements [or they’re soo deep to dual motor comms]