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Touchpad ps/2 pinout help


Hey guys,
Not sure if I should be posting on this forum about this issue (or if it’s not the correct board, I’d love if you could move my post to somewhere where there are discussions about this topic). I’m looking for the pinout for a touchpad from a Lenovo laptop. The laptop model is Yoga 710-14ISK (model name = 80TY). The touchpad in question is a Synaptics TM2334, which I can’t find the pinout for. From what I’ve found looking on the internet, usually pins T10 and T11 are the pins for data and clock. I managed to find the pins for GND and +5v (T23 and T22), but my touchpad doesn’t have T11 and T10 pins on it. Using a multimeter, I determined that the 6 pins coming from the flat ribbon cable are as following: T13, T12, T23 (GND), T8, T6 and T22 (+5v). I tried using a PS/2 to USB converter, but by putting the wires on top of the pins, I couldn’t manage to make it work (the USB converter works, since I’ve been using it with a HP Pavilion DV9000 touchpad that works with it, no problem).


If you look under the 2nd image, you will see that over T13 there are 2 tracers, where usually T10 and T11 are and there’s also a “9”, but considering the continuity using the multimeter goes to T13, T12, T6 and T8, I kinda doubt those 2 traces are being used. I could be 100% wrong though… by also looking at normal synaptics ICs pinouts, I found that pin 2 and 3 on their ICs are usually Clock and Data, which would be exactly the traces over T13.

Can anybody help me with this issue?

Thank you in advance and sorry if this is the wrong board to post on.