Touchpad problemos

Curious to know,
I have a pretty routine problem with Linux and laptops to where the touch-pad will not disable when typing, causing my pointer to fling all over the screen and click on everything. using the Touch-pad G.U.I. that most Linux distros come with does nothing.

I use a Syndaemon command (Syndaemon -d something something something) on startup to solve this problem but then my
touch-pad will freeze randomly and, I have to run Synclient TouchpadOFF=O

Is there a solution to this problemo?
For reference I'm using a Lenovo flex 2 (sigh..I bought it for school ok? was cheap.) and currently running Linux Mint Rrrrrrrrosa (but i've had this problem using Ubuntu, Lubuntu, Kubuntu, Elementary and even...Opensuse)

Ive had this same problem on every single Lenovo ever XD

No shiggity,
It's not a huge deal just incredibly annoying.

Are you using synaptics for your touchpad?

It is a Synaptic touchy-pad yes.
Is there some drivers for that on linux im not finding (furiously googling as we speak)