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I have just updated to this new windows 10 where they have taken over my laptop they want me to use there browser edge which i will never use it you cannot delete it and it will not allow yo to download Torch browser and it will not even allow me to install an old version i get this message saying my connection is bad when i am already downloading other programmes i think it is wrong that they are allowed to dominated what and who we use on our laptop what can be done about this problem as i have always used Torch Browser

So… just for the lulz to see if maybe actually the download server is bad I tried downloading that browser from their website and this is what greeted me as the file to download:




Clicking the exact same download link again:


Malware much? That might also be the reason it’s getting blocked lol.


No i do not think so as i have great security and nothing flags it is micrsoft blocking it from downloading all other browser are okay

Kill it with Fire!

See… what I did there?



Well the point is it’s not downloading any browser lol

Pretty sure Torch is either compromised or just a shit browser now.

The site itself is forcing Avast* on Edge, Chrome, and Firefox on Windows 10.

*Assuming it is actually Avast and not something more malicious.


I was testing on Vivaldi on Linux so it’s not just those.

I think edge security picked it up as not safe. I have had issues like that with jars as well as other sketchy stuff. I’ve never had issues with downloading other browsers like brave and Firefox. Chrome and Vivaldi too.

From Wikipedia:

From August 2021 onwards, downloads for Torch were unavailable, and upon clicking on the download button, users were instead offered a download for the Avast Secure Browser.


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