Tor plus VPN

How do i connect them in order so that my traffic goes first into the VPN tunnel and then enters the Tor network?

Tor browser it says This browser -> United Kingdom -> United States -> Luxemburg -> Internet. However the server I'm connected to using VPN in another country X doesn't show up on the Tor browser.

Does this mean they work independently of each other or are not properly connected. Should I connect to VPN first and then Tor or other way around?

EDIT: I also get this message with some websites.

The website (xyz) attempted to extract HTML5 canvas image data,
which may be used to uniquely identify your computer.
Should Tor browser allow this website to extract
HTML5 canvas image data?

Do i allow this or not? YT videos refuse to play when it's not allowed.

Connect to the VPN first and then tor. Should work fine. It probably won't show up in tor as tor is only telling you about it's nodes not your gateway.

Best way to check that it's working is to look at the traffic with something like wireshark. You can look at your physical interface and you should see vpn traffic, then if you look at the VPN interface you should see tor traffic.


I probably need another computer to check the traffic. At the moment I have access to only one pc.

You don't need a second pc to use wireshark.

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A second PC won't see any of the traffic anyway.
Modern switches won't send any of that network traffic to another port unless that traffic is being sent to something on that port.

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unless hes connected to a hub. but nobody uses those anymore.

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I thought that Wireshark was only a Linux thing. Surprised they have a Windose and OSX client.

After using it for a while I can say it's not bad. Was expecting it to be much slower. I can stream 720p videos with some buffering. Interesting thing I noticed, the node circuit changes for every different website. So even if i land on exit node that is under control of NSA or GCHQ I can just close the website and re-open it, and the circuit will change.

The only thing i hate is that many websites force me to do CAPTCHA. With only VPN I do it once and it lets me through. With Tor I have to complete the CAPTCHA twice or three times even when i had the correct answer 1st time.