could someone please suggest a $800 build for me? My friend wants one and everything I seem to seeks over budget...

Must include OS and preferably a bitfenix prodigy.

In Australia btw

I don't know the tax laws in Austrailia, but if it was in US...

That's what I suggest! $809.89


try this it's 900 so you may have to pony up a bit more but it includes everything. you could save $100 and put ubuntu on it and install windows in a month.


or you could you know swap the video card out for a 660.

Disclaimer: I can not in good conscience recommend amd cards.

3570K for $170 ?! where? that's a very good price...

and why don't you like AMD cards? they have better value, even without the never suttle bundle... and free games is always good thing...

microcenter. framerating.

Framerating is pretty much a multi gpu problem.. But AMD is actively fixing it... In single GPU build there is no need to be worried about that.